Leonidas – Päitsi

Leonidas – Päitsi

Alla Leonidaksen kisaraportti käännettynä google translatorilla englanniksi (alkuperäinen tekstin löydät täältä : http://www.enduro.gr/index.cfm?Action=Details&cat01=1&CPid=17212

29-30.3.2014 weekend held the 1st Championship rally enduro Finland in 2014 after a troubled winter without snow and cancellation of two of the seven national competitions so far. It was the classic annual Round Lake Päijänne in central Finland, fight organized now for the 79th time where you have to cover about 800 km with 24 special from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. The odd winter with all that this implies for the already difficult under normal conditions entourodiadromes Finland lasted many Finns do not register. The final entries was 138 when other times they have surpassed 200.

Although these conditions suit me more because of the high cost of this two-day event not enrollment. On Thursday noon, suddenly the phone rings with Mika Vuori, one of the three group guide from Turku, asking me to replace another Mika (Allen) who was still in hospital after collision with tree in their last workout. He explained that everything was ready, arranged, support, etc, PokerStars sponsored hotel and drove without anxiety because category groups (created just last year) does not count for points and anodes. It is for those who simply want to make the trip without risks to spread the costs of support, etc. The other driver group was Niko Pahlberg, the cream of the A class of late 80s to mid 2000s, with two good full season in the world in 1990 and 1991 and winner in this race the whole A 4T 1990. All this with honor and lived only to get the OK from the wife, which came soon. Also, I thought as a chance to do this particular race in a completely different way and much cheaper than the 2007 who finished relatively inexperienced and very stressful for those who remember the review of here in enduro.gr.

With full confidence in the 400s Beta already 105 hours of operation with a minimum service with new motor oils, brake fluids back, wet clutch and rear brake pads we started at noon Friday for Heinola and scrutineering evening. Which scrutineering passed relatively easily with only remark on the light switch of Factory Beta where no switch for small and large scale required at matches in Finland for simple paths. Saturday at 8:08 we started last after drivers A, Under20, B, Vet, C, Hobby classes. With the sun but with -2 degrees was cold driving first single on roads with asphalt mainly to get out of town. After some minutes we arrived at the start of the first stage. The plan was that Mika o who was for many years in the B category and now in V50, would front a very steady pace without risks, me in the middle and latter Niko and every time we would start and would finish the special together. The final time will be the time the slower group hence the start and finish together. The first stage was to old MX track and trails beside her with aniforokatifores. Fairly dry for nightlife because of frost, finished soon. We got new time cards (Regulations Rally) and a very short calculation time for the next TC before the next one went out on the streets.

With extra sweat from 1 more special was cold in the street even though the temperature rose slowly. After several miles in asphalt arrived at the second special where mistakenly told us that even in the group must leave every 20 seconds. With major objections by Mika and Niko finally started the second special as we were told. Cold start to drive to my limits to catch Mika. To ground harder than before to more old forest with lots of rocks but still icy in shaded areas, require attention for holes in thawed points and attention to continuous ntriftarisma nails the front tire on the rocks. I passed on uphill tracks the group ahead of us and approaching the Mika fell to the top two frozen gutters that were side by side. Continue quickly extinguished without the bike with Niko behind me. At the end of the special comes quickly in a decision that begins and ends with the specific and yet if complaints will be resolved later since we followed the rules. After refueling we continued the simple lakeside with beautiful views in general and the sun always present. The third stage was again primarily a technical forest with some short passes in small fields. The fourth stage was a hard but sandy base with aniforokatifores and stone path. The Mika setarize the pace and the rest we followed loosely behind him. I was still hard sometimes to get used to the thought of having to drive to such speeds, but this was the agreement of the group and had to finish the race. In the next refueling wore extra fleece jacket under the enduro jacket (plus isothermal layer below) which would open enough before any special and it really helped to fight the cold.

After much time on one around noon and overtaking two specialists and a group categories, Vet50, C hobby and not driving all special, we had about an hour for the first major service in Jämsä. After sfyximo chain and shifter enjoyed hot food and some coffee. The temperature was at 8 degrees and the real fight, especially for the A class just started with larger and more difficult stages. Waiting before the ACC next gas station I notice the rear tire almost empty. At the instigation of Niko quickly go to the gas station and put air. At the minute we spent the TC and continued with the hope that the air goes from the bladder slowly, as before he left to put air in each supply and be able to change the inner tube to the next big service before nightfall. Very soon stythikame for the next stage somewhat anxious about the rubber though withstand many hits the rocks and sharp stones planters. After a couple of minutes at the special start to feel uncomfortable and hot with so many clothes and already 10 degrees and enough air in the stomach and a slight desire to vomit. I had mistakenly eaten too. With much effort I was close to Mika until a very easy downhill just amolisa the bike under my feet. This woke me up like a little lost and only some seconds I kept having to tell Niko what I shoot … After several minutes he finished this special and already relieved Continued on short simple for the next great in duration and specific technique. Outbuildings banging stones and sticks Comenius and many ups and downs in rocks. I lit although I end open jacket and fleece. At least we kept a good pace without errors with Mika have raised enough pace compared to the morning. After a long time he finished the special having overtaken many drivers Hobby.

Refueling and put air in the tire having lowered the pressure to only 0.4 bar. After overtaking one to two specialists with driving mostly on asphalt spent the northernmost point of the lake, the town of Jyväskylä is where the WRC world championship every summer, and continued southward again on the other side of the lake. After much time in the streets and breaking all of the nails on the head heels rear tire although probably no more than 80 miles per hour (which the pathane all generally in the race due to high temperatures) even drove a very nice and special technical route before great service in the evening where I changed the rear inner tube, we put the HID helmet light and I ate something with far this time. Night had to drive the last three special and simple between mostly on dirt roads and up and down many hills. The first special in the dark went very well with mud and water and lots of rocks. In simple after the Mika mistakenly passed a refueling point. I followed him with Niko has to stop for petrol. In a little bit with path continued without looking behind him especially since it was other drivers with lights. I stop for a while does come with Niko but I decide to go soon. I connect the wires of the helmet light with battery in tool bag and cut a link. Disappointed keep the candle for light grille Beta. After a while I caught Mika waiting below. Niko arrives and furious. We continue with the thought that everyone with 4T will not have a problem on petrol until the next refueling.

The next stage was my very difficult then taking risks with minimal lighting in hard woods, aided by the experience of evening driving in recent years but with Niko be close behind me trying to show me the light helmet of what exists at during and after revolutions. In the shadow of my straight huts line in front of me. Folly but had to continue. At least I did not fall. Finally it arrived and almost frozen in Heinola in MX track where you xanaeinai and a special World in June. We followed the same tactic with the lights and finally untangle relieved without falling. At 11:00 p.m. finally we put the engine in parc ferme after the last service of the day where only changed the air filter, lubricate the chain and I checked if several screws are tightened.

On Sunday, the time shift started at 10:08 for the last 5 special for us to finish next to Helsinki airport. Trying another tactic with clothes on I first jacket fleece, after short sleeve pulls sweat out, chest and enduro jacket. From the beginning to the end of the day I was comfortable. With a pair of regular tires (two front and four rear for A in these conditions with 200 euro per piece) for the whole race like attention to icy spots on the rear grip. The whole day we only had a short and gluing it because in difficult steep cliffs with two consecutive, one of the fans stopped us to tell us that others are stuck and just progressed to the point without having any more space for forums. In the video below are three of the five special day from the camera that I wear and you can get a general idea of ​​the route where if the match was a little later would be even harder. The finish and medal our afternoon I was delighted. And physically and mechanically we were all intact.

To win the general (Yleis) was given long battle with many of the leading risks. Strengths started Saturday morning 18 year old Joni Kaivolainen that proigoutan until the first major service. From then staged a very high forearm regenerated Anti Hellsten and match making strategy anymore Sunday comfortably won the class A1 and general. 2nd overall and 1st in the A2 Jari Mattila tried a lot but had no answer to the speed of Hellsten. Finished 3rd overall and 2nd in the A1 Joni Kaivolainen. Surely this performance is important for the future. 4th overall and 1st in the A3 already known from the rounds of the world in Scandinavia Toni Eriksson. 5th overall and 2nd of A3 as everybody Marko Tarkkala having anymore debts coach federation for enduro outside the position of team manager in Beta Finland. No special preparation for this event, upload pace Sunday but it was not enough for something better. 6th overall and 2nd A2 was Roni Nikander that led to two broken ribs from Saturday and took many painkillers until it stops. In recent years there is considerable debate whether so hard and apaititikos struggle in many ways should count for the championship enduro country. For example, the Tarkkala I said, that should not count.

Please note that by far the last B finally ended the Spaniard’s friend Kari Tiainen (Dakar and back) Manolo Barnés who was surprised by the difficult conditions. On his review you can find www.befurious.com.

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